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Adore PC Softphone Premium

AdoreSoftphone Premium is one of the reputed softphone software that makes your computer capable of using voice
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Dilip Tripathy
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1 May 2014

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This software implements a phone instrument for use in VoIP.

Softphone is the software implementation of VoIP call generation and reception. Thus, softphone is the main interface through which one could establish a call and receive a call. For this purpose, softphones are created to look like a typical phone instrument. The VoIP calls can reach anywhere in the globe where the Internet connection is available without the need for the traditional telephone network or the mobile phone networks. Costs involved even in international calls are insignificant. This particular softphone lets you extend a call beyond the Internet. The calls will connect to the traditional phone network and the mobile network. This phone is compatible with SIP standard and works well with all major Internet Telephone Service providers (ITSP). This software is compatible with all other VoIP software and hardware.

This application is able to support up to four lines. Conference calls are supported; you would be able to record calls for later reference too. A call transfer feature is available. Calls can be put on hold and released as required. STUN set of features as well as NSAT/firewall support is available. Do not disturb, redial, automatic acceptance of calls are some useful features available. Several voice codecs are supported, and these include G729, G711 u, G711 a, G722, GSM, iLbc, Speex/ 8000, Speex/16000 , Speex / 32000, etc. Echo suppression and comfort noise addition is possible. Packet concealing and Packet Lost Concealment (PLC) help improve call quality. Call history is made available by the application. This is a very good tool.

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This AdoreSoftphone Premium software based on the standards of SIP industry and is fully compatible with all of the major Internet Telephone service provider (ITSP) along with all VOIP software as well as hardware. This software has an insightful GUI and can also be customized as per the user’s demand. An user can customized this software to show their company name or logo to show on the software. AdoreSoftphone Premium makes your outbound phone calls from a computer to any mobile phones or telephones an excellent experience. In order to build a large business worldwide through SIP-based communications and services, the adoresoftphone premium software is the best suited solution that provides you the great style with convenience which you need. The clarity of voice with lots of handy features in this software is what you don’t want to let go without experiencing it. You can also download the demo version of AdoreSoftphone Premium in order to try it before you buy. Features : * 4 Lines * Call Recording * Call Conference * Transfer (Xfer) * DND (Do not Disturb) * Hold / Unhold * Redial * Auto accept call * NAT/Firewall support * STUN server Support * ICE Support * Debug Mode (SIP message log) * Codec Supported * G729, G711 u, G711 a, G722, GSM, iLbc, Speex/ 8000, Speex/16000 , Speex / 32000 * Codec selection and Codec Quality Control (Bandwidth control) * Silence Suppression * Echo Cancellation * Uses NEW RFC 3261 compliant stack * DTMF (RFC 2833) * RFC 3951: Internet Low Bit Rate Codec (iLBC) * Registration Timeout * Acoustic Echo Cancellation * Packet concealing * Packet Lost Concealment (PLC) * Comfort Noise Generator (CNG) * Resampling * Balance Display * Credit time display * Display Call history OS Supported Windows 2000,XP,VISTA,7,8 Read More : FREE DOWNLOAD :
Adore PC Softphone Premium
Adore PC Softphone Premium
Version 3.10
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